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Five Easy Ways To Make A Fall Tablescape

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I’m summer’s biggest fan. I would normally hold on to grilling and salads till the moment I can fully admit that I’m cold. However, I look forward to the days until pumpkins and all things earth toned can fill my home up with warmth.

The parties and entertaining during this season get me all excited so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite ways to use easily available tabletop accessories to make a stunning tablescape, might as well since Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

I mixed some of my staples like simple round white plates and neutral table runner with a few elements that bring elegance to the table and make my friends and family feel extra special! That combined with cozy feels, and pretty fall colours – I hope my tips will help you create memorable experiences with your family and that this tablescape will bring all the warmth that will make you "fall" in love with this season.


Invest in woven place mats

The simple addition of woven place mats to a table can take it from kinda pretty to knock-out beautiful! The place mats that I go back to time and time again are woven ones because I love the contrast between the hard surfaces of plates and their warm colour and chunky texture. They are also very versatile and would work from a contemporary to a rustic setting. Here are my favourite place mats that Ikea always have in stock and its quite affordable.


White plates are essential!

Our white dishes are used daily and dressed up for special occasions too. They easily mix with other white pieces, work with any season and colour palette, and food looks great on white. It’s just one of those pieces that always seems to work, no matter what the season or what you put in it.


Utilize outdoor natural Thanksgiving elements

I am sure this seems obvious, so here I am sharing some centerpiece favourites that are easy to find and make all the difference. I picked up pine cones from a park by our house, reed grass from my own backyard, and included some eucalyptus I dried a while go. I also picked up pumpkins Superstore, fall blooms from Urban Barn bringing in the elegance and colour theme I needed to make a stunning tablescape.


A neutral coloured table runner

I love the color and wood grain of our dining room table but also love the added softness of table linens so a table runner is the perfect compromise! I love a table runner of sorts instead of a full tablecloth to keep the look simpler and less formal. The neutral soft grey/blue colour is perfect to use across seasons and themes and I highly recommend getting one so you can get the most use.


Add a seasonal scented candle for warm ambiance

I love, love, love finding scented candles that have a warm, sweet and spicy hues that can easily put you in the Thanksgiving spirit. Honestly candles are affordable and you are guaranteed to use one up every season. Even in spaces where you’re not doing anything special with fall decor, simply adding a few candles for a warm glow can make your home feel so cozy this time of year. When Jackie Aina came up with her FORVR Mood candles I was so excited to not only support black business but to support someone whose hard work has been of great encouragement. So CAKED UP is honestly my most favourite scent right now, with warm yummy roasted pistachio cream and vanilla scents that set the perfect mood for all festivities.

Now that the decorating is done, all I have left to focus on is the food! Thanks for sticking with me to see all of these amazing inspirations with creative ideas for a fall tablescape. I hope you found some great ideas and tips for decorating your table this Thanksgiving. I am dying to know what colours you chose for your table? Let me know in the comments below.

Till my next post.



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